Tri-Town Junior Baseball League

Office of the Commissioner

3 Devonshire Dr

Wilbraham, MA 01095


May 19, 1999

To: All Coaches and Directors in the Tri-Town Junior Baseball League

From: Joe Lavoie, Commissioner


In response to the growing national reports of injuries and "near misses," the League is taking action to help safeguard the safety of all the children who participate in League-sponsored games. Bat manufacturers have recently developed "high tech" bats with extremely low weight-to-length relationships. These bats can deliver a batted ball with alarmingly high velocity. The League is eliminating the use of several types of these bats for League play.


To this end, the League is immediately instituting new bat restrictions as follows:

-        The maximum difference in weight-to-length shall be -12 in the 8-10 Division.

-        The maximum difference weight-to-length shall be -10 in the 10-12 Division.

-        The maximum difference weight-to-length shall be -6 in the 12-14 Division.

-        Regardless of weight-to-length relationship, all "air attack," "double wall," "air filled," "nitrogen filled," or any other bats designed to increase batted ball velocity are hereby considered illegal in League play.

-        No bats may be wrapped or altered in any way to disguise the brand or model.

-        To be legal, a metal bat must have original manufacturer's markings on it indicating its composition, style, and weight-to-length relationship. If the markings are worn off, the bat is illegal.


Weight-to-length relationship is best defined with examples:

-        A 32-inch bat weighing 25 ounces has a relationship of -7 (25 minus 32). Such a bat would be illegal in the 12-14 division.

-        A 34-inch bat weighing 20 ounces has a relationship of -14 (20 minus 34). Such a bat would be illegal in any division in the League.


This rule will be officially considered at the June 25th League meeting, however, starting immediately, bats of the type described above:



The penalty for using these illegal bats will be the possible forfeit of each game in which illegal bats are used. It is the responsibility of each director to ensure that this rule is understood and followed by all coaches in his/her organization.






Joseph O. Lavoie, Sr.


Special Note: Wooden Bats are Legal